Amelio the Mail Carrier

My friend, Lisa, is a talented artist who designs beautiful quilts (check our her company, Pixie Spit.) She also carries a love of stamps which stems from years of admiring her Italian grandfather’s every day hard work as a letter carrier.

Amelio Taglia worked for over 40 years in Cleveland, Ohio as a proud U.S. Mail Carrier. He took his job very seriously. When he wasn’t meeting his friends at the Dairy Warehouse after work and bringing home ice cream for his wife and three kids, he was delivering mail through four, (often brutal), seasons while being admired by many. Lisa recalls the hundreds of strangers appearing at his funeral. He was one of those guys who people looked up to. And those folks also understood the importance of his job.


Jenny, Lisa’s sister, wearing her grandfather’s Mail Carrier hat

Amelio saved stamps with the intention of handing them over to his grandson, Jimmy, who might appreciate the collection even more later in life. As the story goes, fast forward thirty years and we find adult Jim leaving his parents’ home with Amelio’s stamp collection, ready to sell for some extra cash. Thankfully, his mother stopped him before reaching the car. In the end, dear Lisa was able to retain the vintage stamps and never plans to let them go. She recently shared part of this fantastic collection with me.

I encourage you, the next time you run into your Post Carrier, to ask him or her how their day is going. Hand them a homemade muffin. Express your gratitude. With the internet these days we sometime forget the importance of the U.S Mail Carriers’ role in our lives. It’s a respectful line of work and one I certainly would hate to see taken for granted in years to come.

By the way, more from Lisa sharing her love of writing and her own stamp collection later this summer. But for now, I’m off to write in the journal of our soon arriving┬áBaby Brown. I’m giving he or she a not-so-subtle suggestion it’s a good time to make an appearance!!

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  1. Jenny

    Nice story, Wend. Thanks to you and Lisa for sharing it.

    Now, I agree – it’s time for Baby Brown #3 to arrive. Good luck and I love you.


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