I am a list maker! It’s in my blood.

I’m Lisa, and I am thrilled to be doing a guest post.  I can usually be found on my blog PixieSpittings.

Wendy did a post here about my Grandfather the mail carrier a while back and while I was digging through my grandparents old cedar chest looking for some things for that post, I happened to find a slip of paper that made my heart skip.


I recognized the handwriting immediately as my Grandmother’s.  I see it often on the backs of old photos and in the many handwritten recipes that we have to remember her by.  But I had never seen this treasure before.  She often reused and repurposed things that might otherwise have been thrown away.  So, it was no surprise to see that she used a calendar page from July4, 1958 to make a list of household tasks to be done.  I love that she made the list and then went back and prioritized the items. I’m so glad to have found it, but I do wonder why such a mundane list was saved in the old cedar chest.

Part of the reason I was so excited to find it is that I am an avid list maker.  I have a notebook dedicated to lists.  I have lists of movies to see, books to read as well as many more goal oriented lists.  I never find myself with extra piles of money lying around, but I have a big $ wish list in case I ever do.  I put things on this list that are not practical or even realistic.  I started the list a few years ago and add to it from time to time.  I firmly believe in the power of “writing it down” and have been so excited to check a few items off the list over the years that didn’t seem attainable back when I originally wrote them down.

List making must run in the family because last year my then-7-year-old handed me this list.  She took it upon herself to make a list of family chores.  She listed a few things in her column including her new dog poop pick up responsibility.  She took the liberty of writing in a few things for her little sister to do and then asked my husband to list some of his regular duties around the house.  She gave the list to me with my column empty and said “You do everything else.”  I like to think that was her way of acknowledging all the many things that I do around the house, but I’m pretty sure that she just didn’t want anything else added to her column.


My appreciation of lists doesn’t end with merely making them.  I picked up this book a few years ago and still flip through it on occasion.  It is a collection of random people’s actual lists.  It includes everything from meticulously written lists to careless scratchings on paper and the best part…the stories of the people who wrote them.


4 thoughts on “ I am a list maker! It’s in my blood.

  1. Nicole Claeson

    so so true. write it down to see it come to be! a wonderful practice, one that i’m going to start with renewed energy in a gorgeous yellow leather notebook i’ve been saving. you’ve inspired me!

  2. Heather

    I love this for so many reasons, 1. I am a list maker 2. I would love to find a list my Grandma had written–Sub List A. Out of curiousity and B. To feel that connection to her 3. I can’t wait for my daughter to begin to make lists and 4. To know I am not alone in this list making world!!

  3. james taglia

    i think that list is not a prioritized list of things to do, but rather a list of breakers referenccd by number, #3 master bedroom and twins (those rooms were side by side in their house, #2 jims room and d. room plugs, dads bedroom shared a wall with the dining room…still its cool to find something she wrote. and it is a list of sorts.


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